Good dinner last night. Just had a gyro salad, ate about half of it, if that. Ate all of the meat, of course, but the bottom of the salad was doused in some type of lemon-juice oil or something, so I skimmed off the top of it. Had a good chat with Paul during dinner. Nice to catch up since we haven’t done dinner in over two weeks and its been about a month since we actually hung out outside of work! (more…)


Had a hard time waking up this morning…I REALLY need to get back into working out in the morning, but its so hard to get up when it’s still dark outside. On top of the fact that there is no airflow in my workout facility…no fans, no windows that can be opened…ugh. Irritating.

So my breakfast this morning is as follows: (more…)

My pumpkins turned out awesome this weekend!! I had a lot of fun with the girls!

When I got back to the 425, I went grocery shopping with Britt… HEALTHY FOOD IS EXPENSIVE! I always knew that, but it is hard to be a frugal gal when you have to let out the wallet for the good stuff. I was quite surprised though, I didn’t break $100, and I figured I would. Now, for my most boring post ever, I am going to write my grocery list out…because I’m quite proud that I only bought one (possibly two if you count diet soda) truly unhealthy thing! (more…)

I got my internet set up last night and tomorrow I get my DirecTV! Woo! So excited to be back in the real world…and wireless! They come tomorrow between 8 and 12…I’m really hoping for like 9ish, then they can get in, get out, be done by 10:30ish…amazing. So then I can start my real weekend! (more…)

Been talking to my friend Andrea (no, not myself) about weight loss goals and diets, etc. She’s a personal trainer in my hometown. This is what she had to say, after telling her my eating habits, workout habits, weight loss goals (13 is my lower set goal by my birthday, but 25 would be awesome), etc: (more…)

Talk about disappearances! So this weekend I was obviously without internet… (more…)

Yep. My crazy is coming out a bit today. I am soooo worried about screwing up to my boss that I still haven’t manned up and just gone in there to just attempt to ‘sell’ him the product. I just don’t think I’d do it well. I am so nervous about him looking at me badly. This sucks. Ah well… (more…)