Good dinner last night. Just had a gyro salad, ate about half of it, if that. Ate all of the meat, of course, but the bottom of the salad was doused in some type of lemon-juice oil or something, so I skimmed off the top of it. Had a good chat with Paul during dinner. Nice to catch up since we haven’t done dinner in over two weeks and its been about a month since we actually hung out outside of work!

Had a Female Dr appt yesterday…JOY! Nothing like being felt up by my RN. She’s really nice though. Since my doctor is so popular, I normally go to her RN because she has more availability. It would have been November before I could get in to see the actual doctor! Me and Judy (RN) talked about my weight loss with diet and exercise. She said it sounds like I have a good idea of what to do…Yay me!

We also bonded by talking about the runs we both did. Her a half marathon of “Rocking in Seattle” or something like that, a run from Tukwila to Seattle, and me doing Bloomsday with Justin. She told me to not get depressed about gaining the weight back after Bloomsday, so that was nice. I also can never place it, but Judy reminds me of someone I know. Same type of mannerisms… ah well. Guess I’ll forget after a day or two until I see her next. I am just hoping my results come back fine…I’ve had a few abnormal results over the last 4 years. The abnormal cells go away by themselves each time, but I hope this year is normal. That would be nice to not have an abnormal every two years…ugh.

Breakfast today was Grape nuts with a banana and a fiber one bar (pretty sure that makes my fiber for the day up to 25++ grams…woo me!

Lunch is with Carly and Krista somewhere in B-town. I’m hoping to talk her into Subway, since I know the calories I’m consuming there. If nothing else, maybe Red Robin (they have a full nutritional guide as well).

Today you get to help me make my decision on dinner! I have a few ideas for you to choose from. I could make:

  1. Chicken with Green Giant Steamer veggie packet over whole wheat pasta
  2. Beef stew chunks with cooked veggies (didn’t do this last night) with a small side of whole wheat pasta
  3. Whole wheat pasta with low-fat marinara sauce (so whole wheat, low-fat spaghetti) with a side of Green Giant Steamer veggies and/or salad
  4. Turkey Panini with low-fat cheese, side of fruit and raw veggies/Green Giant Steamer veggies

What is your vote?